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Thirst Quencher, 2021, 55"x 22" x 8"

Remote Possibilites

Hand-built earthenware multifired with terra sigillata, engobes, and frit; mounted with with metal, wood, found hardware, and plastic tubing.

Our machines are outgrowths of ourselves. No matter how far removed from human touch they may seem, at they core they are organic and human, revealing our nobler impulses as well as our foibles. While we may criticize them for being cold, awkward, or dehumanizing, they also have the potential to extend our warmth, humor, and compassion. How we design, build, and use them is our choice.

Thirst Quencher detail


Thirst Quencher detail


Touchless Tea Service, 2021, 55"x 16" x 7"


Touchless Tea Service detail


Touchless Tea Service detail

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